Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Man from Nepal says he can imitate sounds of 251 bird species-can you believe that?

I was shocked when I read this and its one of those things you see in movies but here you have it in real life, so I decided to pass it across to our readers. A young man with a microphone stepped onto a small stage and cawed like a crow. Minutes later, hundreds of noisy birds circled above him, perched on trees and sat on roof tops, astounding the crowd at a show called the "crow conference". Just imagine how someone does that. But I guess he did.

Gautam Sapkota is a native of Nepal and he is fondly called "bird brother". He is a 30-year-old school dropout who has been doing "crow shows" at schools since 2005 to entertain students and raise awareness about nature and the conservation of birds. He says he can imitate the sounds of 251 kinds of birds and hopes for recognition of his talents from Guinness World Records. He plans to broaden his conservation message with an album that remixes Nepali songs with the sound of a crane.
He said he wants to preserve the sounds of birds which may eventually become extinct, by keeping them in recordings.

Conservationists say 149 of Nepal's 871 bird species face the threat of extinction. Although not considered to be threatened, crows are disappearing fast. Sapkota has given more than 3,200 shows in 66 of Nepal's 75 districts and received an award from the conservation group WWF-Nepal for his efforts.

Crows are scavengers that help to keep the environment clean. According to Sushila Chatterjee Nepali, chief of the group Bird Conservation Nepal, these important birds are dying fast because of the use of poison to kill insects and rodents on which they feed. Sapkota, who was inspired to mimic birds by a television show, appeared to have left a mark on the crowd. A sociology student, Ashish Uprety said after watching the show "I now know why we need to preserve nature and birds, I had never seen so many crows before."

Just imagine someone in front of you make 20 bird sounds. Tell me you will not be marveled infact if not run away and hear we are talking about 251 bird sounds. I think this is great. What do you think?

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